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All photos courtesy of Lorenzo Nigro. The site — identified since late antiquity with Biblical Jericho, the Canaanite city-state of Rwha —is the most visited Archaeological Park in the Palestinian Territories with up tocasino casino las vegas 5x20 online per year. The joint Italian-Palestinian Expedition to Article source casino casino las vegas 5x20 online has aimed at the preservation and promotion for tourism of this world-renowned site, within the framework of safeguarding cultural heritage that is the basic goal of the Department of Archaeology casino casino las vegas 5x20 online Palestine.

From this respect, the rehabilitation of Tell es-Sultan was a real challenge. Moreover, Jericho was also a living monument of modern archaeology, since it was http://namisg.info/casa-della-befana.php place where Dame Kathleen Mary Kenyon systematically experimented the excavation method based on stratigraphy, her long and deep trenches cutting deep into the history of humankind. One of the goals of the Project was to resume her work, letting readable horizontal stratigraphy together with the vertical exposures and explaining contexts and finds to visitors.

The joint Expedition started in and continued for four seasons until year The Expedition produced two books and a series of articles on some major features of the Bronze Age city: Starting from these two spots, up to eleven different areas of the tell were excavated, restored, and rehabilitated to be visited by tourists, illustrating the ten millennia-long life of Jericho from casino casino las vegas 5x20 online Epipaleolithic to Islamic Period.

In the same area, the finding and recording of a number of stone tools offered further information on food producing activities connected with early agriculture and animal husbandry. The rise of the Early Bronze Click city, its continuous development from the initial Early Bronze I rural village to the fortified city of Early Bronze II, as well as change in socio-economic organization of the Jericho community through the analyses of funerary evidence in the necropolis, were documented by the Expedition.

The investigation of the earliest Early Bronze II city started from its fortification wall, which was detected all around the tell. Works in the area of the spring, moreover, showed that the latter had been included within the casino & resort limits since this period. The northeastern dwelling quarter was reexamined, with a number of storage installations silos, mudbrick-lined cists, storerooms for accumulation of agricultural surplus.

The casino casino las vegas 5x20 online repertoire of this phase shows specialization of shapes and wares. Roulette 10 einsatz effects of the violent earthquake which casinos in new orleans to a sudden end the Early Bronze II city were identified in several spots, and this catastrophic event was studied as a factor prompting a further development of building techniques and social organization.

The double-line fortification system of Early Bronze III was investigated in several spots, documenting the construction and stratigraphic phases of the double city walls.

A postern gate was identified leading to the rooms between the inner and outer walls. Inside this passage, the carbonized wooden support beams of casino in iowa roofing were found. A casino casino las vegas 5x20 online piece of evidence from this period was Palace G, a huge building uncovered on three terraces on the eastern flank of the Spring Hill.

The palace had a central wing with a hall, characterized by a raised podium and a central pillar, and several subsidiary rooms with staircases and installations. In the lower terraces, there were storerooms connected with a major entrance opening towards the spring, while on the casino casino las vegas 5x20 online terrace there were workshops and installations.

In one of the lower storerooms of the palace a copper dagger was found, preserving part of the wooden handle with its leather revetment. Not far away, on the western side of the Spring Hill, the city temple flanked by a round raised platform probably stood.

The urban casino casino las vegas 5x20 online of the northeastern quarter of the city, with a SW-NE street was reconstructed. Small finds from these houses illustrated daily life in the Canaanean centre: Pottery was characterized by wares and shapes, functional standardization and by the attestation of Khirbet Kerak Ware, both imported and locally produced, casino casino las vegas 5x20 online diminished in the mature phase of the period Early Bronze IIIB.

Material culture of this period las vegas casino jobs the apogee of the Early Bronze Age city, including Egyptian items marble mace heads, schist palettes, and ceramic lotus vases and metal objects a crescent-shaped copper axe from Tomb A Evidence of such an event was uncovered in all of the excavated areas of the site and presumably deeply impressed the collective memory of Levantine peoples, perhaps to the point of being included into Biblical narrative of Joshua.

Detail of the collapse inside the gate: Excavations also provided new data on columbia casino travemunde columbus nonurban interval of the Early Bronze IV. The site was reoccupied casino spielsucht the Early Bronze IVA starting from the summit of the Spring Hill, and expanding into a huge village on the lower terraces over the collapsed ruins of previous fortifications in http://namisg.info/casino-automaten.php following Early Bronze IVB.

The relationship between the site and the necropolis was also investigated. Cultural, economic, and social features of the interred show both local and new elements.

A relevant point was the study of metal article source, made for the first time of bronze alloy, as well as that of pottery and architecture characterized by thin walls of a single row of bricks and stones. These initially consisted of a solid mudbrick wall with rectangular towers, soon reinforced all around the summit of the mound by an earthen rampart.

The Italian-Palestinian Expedition explored both the earliest city wall and three successive ramparts, and identified a solidly built structure made of limestone boulders supporting the Middle Bronze II rampart on the southwestern side of the site. It was preserved to a height of more than 2 m and was carefully built with regular mudbricks laid on a monumental foundation made of orthostatic blocks.

This structure was refurbished several times following enemy attacks and at least a major earthquake. The third and last reconstruction of the Middle Bronze Age city was characterized by the erection of a huge rubble rampart supported by terrace walls and, at its bottom, by a battering Cyclopean Wall, brought to light with its collapsed mudbrick superstructure a reuse possibly dated to the Iron II around the southern base of the tell.

Also in this period the Spring Hill was the city centre. On the eastern flank of it stood the Palace of the Canaanean rulers, while just southwest, on the highest point, a monumental tower temple arose Area P. Middle Bronze II houses were excavated by the Expedition in Areas A and T, at the southwestern corner of the tell, while a full reexamination of the Middle Bronze Age necropolis was also accomplished, cataloging items that were spread worldwide in many institutions.

Inside the Curvilinear Stone Structure a destruction layer preserved interesting items including the clay figurine of a lioness. The Middle Bronze III city was the object of a violent military destruction, which reduced the role of the site and left a heap of ruins in the place of the city, definitely marking Jericho as an emblematic ruin in collective imaginary. Iron Age remains were excavated on the tell summit and also at its southern foot, where an Iron Age IIC installation was brought to light in Remains are too sparse to be easily placed into a coherent picture.

Long staircases on the northern and southwestern sides of the tell allowed access up to the city, which stood on top of an impressive heap of ruins formed by the superimposed settlements and cities from the Neolithic to Bronze Age Periods. Material culture of this period reflects the many cultures interacting in the Jordan Valley.

The Pilot Project has been carried out for 17 years, with difficulties and successes shared by Italian and Palestinian students and archaeologists. Working jointly go here a goal. So too was rehabilitating Tell es-Sultan, with its invaluable record of human heritage, and to protect the site and make it easy for tourists and visitors to interpret.

The accomplishment of these goals has led, beginning into a further stage of the joint Project: The creation of an urban park will contribute to preserve the archaeological sites catalogued by the Expedition in the oasis, and will casino casino las vegas 5x20 online tourism and economy of the modern city of Ariha. All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. The American Schools of Oriental Research ASOR makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this blog http://namisg.info/progettare-casa.php found by following any link on this blog.

ASOR will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information. ASOR will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or casino casino las vegas 5x20 online of this information. The opinions expressed by Bloggers and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not reflect the victory casino cruise port canaveral of ASOR or any employee thereof.

Palestine does not exist, because that is Jordan. That pilot project is of course in Israel. Cornelis March 18, Reply. Leave a Comment cancel. Join over 14, of your peers! Become a Friend of ASOR for free, and receive our monthly e-newsletter and access to exclusive content and resources!

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A brief introduction to that theory follows. You can casino casino las vegas 5x20 online a thorough presentation at http: Our understanding is that all people in our society accumulate hurts that affect how we live our lives and interact with others. In our experience, anyone who is listened to well and supported to discharge the hurtful experiences from their past will be able to change any behaviors they decide to change.

By contrast, RC theory sees that everyone has hurts they need to heal from. Other people, who are not diagnosed, have a similar amount of hurts, but are able, for whatever reason, highway boulder casinos put them aside and not become preoccupied with them.

In any case, any person can recover from any past hurt, no matter how deeply affected they seem. The person always has the power to stop crying but the feelings, having been held in so long, make it feel overwhelmingly compelling to continue crying. Until people have experienced a lot of discharge, they tend to feel uncomfortable with it. However, if you can remember a time when crying helped heal casino casino las vegas 5x20 online, such as after the death of a close relative or friend, you will understand how the process of discharge works.

Painful emotions will discharge through observable emotional release, such as crying, sobbing, tantrums, raging, perspiring, and casino casino las vegas 5x20 online. Such emotional release is a blackjack strategy odds, healing phenomenon and, if allowed to continue, it will serve to drain the past painful hurt.

We use the term dramatizing distress to mean showing, or acting out, early casino casino las vegas 5x20 online without being in a counseling session where there is help to discharge.

For example, when adults yell at children they are dramatizing the way they were hurt when they were children, when their parents yelled at them. That type of dramatization is common and accepted in society. However, if someone believes they are the reincarnation of Jesus and acts on that belief, that type casino casino las vegas 5x20 online dramatization is not accepted. If such a person is awarely listened to, long enough, he or she will eventually reveal the early hurts that have led to the dramatization.

The person dramatizing is always, either awarely or unawarely, seeking help to release emotion from their early hurts, i. The way people act seems unchangeable, especially when they act in ways that seem inexplicable. When people are in hurtful situations, all the sights and sounds from the experience are recorded as part of the hurtful memory. When people later seek to release the painful emotion from that hurt in order to recover from it, they do not ordinarily hallucinate.

Casino casino las vegas 5x20 online isolated bits of memory usually have no obvious connection to anything see more the present, because they are related only to the early hurt one is trying to heal, and so they often scare people who do not understand what is going on.

See basic RC theory explanation above. For example, doing certain activities in private rather than public view will avoid hospitalization. A person might scream angrily when alone in their house, and not be diagnosed, since no one would know. We assume that people do malfunction in various ways, and that some people function better overall than others, but the overall functioning of even those who function best would improve if their distresses were eliminated.

Those who are not presently functioning well in such areas as eating, sleeping, working casino casino las vegas 5x20 online a living, or communicating, may be functioning brilliantly at discharging, re-evaluating, caring for other people, understanding oppressive patterns, or creating art works. All people can, eventually, with the complete elimination of their distresses, function well in every respect.

Being thought about and counseled as a unique individual lets people access deep and early hurts and discharge distresses fully. Historically, when all humans lived in tribes, people got help to heal severe emotional and physical difficulties from wise tribal members. Later, as medical science developed, doctors were venerated because they cured physical illnesses.

Emotional difficulties were not handled by doctors. When psychiatry developed, psychiatrists had to fight to become legitimized as doctors.

Creating a list of conditions that could be diagnosed helped bring that about. Thus, assigning a label to a person becomes not only the way that insurance works, but the way that the whole system works.

Labeling also provides pat answers. A much more thoughtful exploration is necessary to lead the person to the discharge that will resolve the problem. Once labeled, a person may accept the label as describing who they are, rather than work to heal completely from his or her hurts. The human mind is capable of functioning in intelligent ways in spite of irrational pulls.

As people discharge, the effects of patterns are weakened. If people use Re-evaluation Counseling well, the process assists them to gain more and more ability casino casino las vegas 5x20 online base their lives on fresh thinking appropriate to the current situation rather than reacting according to how we have been hurt in the past.

For example, various psychiatric drugs can cause lethargy, weight gain, brain damage, and tardive dyskinesia an irreversible disease affecting control of movementto name a few things. Additionally, these drugs inhibit discharge and re-evaluation. The problem is still there, even though the person may be numb to it.

A casino casino las vegas 5x20 online who is having a lot of emotional difficulty will often be focused on the difficulty and therefore not be behaving in the ways required by the society.

For example, they might not be able to go to work and focus on the job at hand; they might cry much of the time; they might not be able click to see more get up in the morning. When they take a psychiatric drug, it numbs them enough that they can stop feeling the feelings that were overwhelming them and they may start behaving in the expected ways. We have found that releasing emotions is a necessary part of the healing process, in order to be able to think clearly and solve problems well.

Drugs also confuse people about their ability to recover. We believe it is not. People raise their children in ways similar to how they were raised. Hypotheses put forward by psychiatrists are often believed by the general public though they have little basis in fact. RC theory assumes that babies can be hurt by what happens to them while in the womb — for example, if the mother smokes. Twins who are separated at birth have probably had similar experiences in the womb, and studies finding that such twins behave similarly in later life can be as easily explained by these experiences as by hypotheses about genetics.

If they are parents, this makes it hard for their children to get the care that they need. This means that later those same young people may have difficulties similar to those of their parents. Using the natural tools of Re-evaluation Counseling, permanent recovery is possible.

Although it may take years to recover completely from some hurts, people can fairly quickly recover enough to regain control of their lives, have closer connections with people, and experience fewer difficulties in daily activities while they are on the road to full recovery.

Those of us who have been using the RC process systematically for a long time have been able to recover completely from all kinds of difficulties — being uncomfortable speaking in public, not being able to get a good job, etc.

We use the process when taking on challenges, such as click the following article whether or not to casino casino las vegas 5x20 online children.

Difficulties taking on such challenges are often related to early hurts that need to be healed. Once the hurts have been completely discharged, we find ways to become successful. For example, some have triumphed over feeling depressed all the time. Others are no longer suicidal and enjoy their lives.

Others have stopped casino casino las vegas 5x20 online, and are no longer tempted in that casino analyzer 4 poker 17. There are many powerful recovery stories to be told. You will soon be able to read some of them on our web site. Co-Counselors use these sessions both to address difficult issues in their current lives and to heal from past hurts that otherwise would continue to surface and distort their lives.

When someone in RC has a casino casino las vegas 5x20 online, they already have a personal support network of Co-Counselors to draw upon to schedule extra sessions to address the emergency. However, the RC community is not set up to be a crisis intervention service, and only functions in the above way for those people who are already participating in it.

The best way to learn RC is to take an RC class. You are welcome to use the RC theory on casino casino las vegas 5x20 online website or on the RC website without taking a class. When people act in dangerous ways, they do need to be removed from situations where they can do harm until they are no longer tempted to do harm.

We propose that they be removed to some place where they can be counseled, and have the chance to discharge on the distresses that make them dangerous. Another form of violence is self-harm, and ultimately suicide. Suicidal feelings result from the ways people have been hurt.

They can be discharged fully, just as any other distress recording can be. Attempts at suicide read article almost always either the result http://namisg.info/casino-affiliate-conference-2013.php a person becoming preoccupied with a distress recording of suicide or an unaware search for help to heal.

If all people attempting suicide received aware assistance to heal emotionally, they would lose interest in suicide and become pleased to be alive. Our center will carefully screen out people who are prone to violence, as we are focusing on people who are able to function well in casino casino las vegas 5x20 online cooperative environment.

Each person at the center, including both staff people and residents, will contribute casino casino las vegas 5x20 online the cooperative working of the center. But this has never been validated scientifically, even though many studies have tried to.

More recently, the drive for profit from the drug companies has led to heavy promotion of the theory. Today, it is widely accepted even though it has no basis in science. Yes, they can be allies, just as anyone else can. Using the RC process can make them better allies.

This can be attained by us all using the natural recovery process. As allies, they are in a position to make a big difference. The status quo is based on casino casino las vegas 5x20 online is acceptable to the casino casino las vegas 5x20 online standards set by the groups that are in power, which often are a minority of the people in any society for example, white men. Humans are constantly changing and evolving.

This leads to oppressive attitudes. Conformity is one of the things that fosters the inequalities in our social-economic system. The resources needed to solve the problems people face are caring, undistracted attention, listening, encouragement of discharge, speaking out against mistreatment, and thinking put into action.

While the RC Community is limited in what it can provide although it is growing and committed to spreading the understanding of these valuable toolsstick casino phoenix and click here can learn the tools of RC well in order to listen to and casino casino las vegas 5x20 online people, and help them set up lives that work better.

Supportive networks can eventually be set up so that everyone will have enough resource. As they use this process, people will reclaim their own natural power to better solve their casino casino las vegas 5x20 online problems.

Emotional difficulties can be completely cleared up through discharge and re-evaluation. These processes will enable people to think more clearly and therefore solve any remaining difficulties. Additionally, help provided can be more readily used if one can think clearly.

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