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Casino Video Poker Forum: Casino Sports Betting Forum: Recently in Australia we have received Vegas Star Roulette machines. These as you probably know are RNG Machines. Can anyone tell vegas star roulette machine about them. Are they a computerised version that can pick up what you are doing. Has anyone played them and can tell me about them.

Jakkalsdraai Top Member South Africa crew Only my view, food for thought. Hello Matilda, Welcome to the Forum! Can you ask if they keep "Guaranteed Payout Percentages"? Althought the displayed game is different than the silly games vegas star roulette machine by the other slots machines, Legally "Same Rules Apply".

I play roulette, the physical vegas star roulette machine game. You can win and lose at the real table, but you know the game is how it is supposed to be. It is long-term statistics what guarantee the 2. If not, can you play online? Http://namisg.info/machine-a-sous-de-casino-gratuit.php trust sites like Dublinbet. Live wheels with a human dealer Best regards, Your friend.

Hi Matilda I am from Australia To. From New south wales Veagas star Let me know I will help you Mate. I have no trouble with the RNG machines out here that you play in person. They are motitored heavily by the Gameing Control Board. If there not fair to the public then they are not allowed.

Do not play them on line though. Bangladesh is going to beat Australia Looks like New Zealand. Ronjo Perseverant Member South Africa crew Hey Jacko you traitor, you rascal you,how are you doing mate I must come and visit you in the Cape and play a few spins together before you leave us,I mean defect us. I have a lifelong vegas star roulette machine who I have to visit soon I will let you know and we can get together for a dop. LOL Lekker my china! You as I know though that there is no future here for young ones.

I realize I'll have to start from scratch, most probably set me back about 5 - 10 years. Of course I won't have to share winnings from the casino Hope I can still hit a golf ball by that time! I guess we'll have hybrid hybrid hybrids by then which will hit the ball for you!

Let me know when you're in the area! Anyone know if they have casinos in New Zealand Australia here I come. We're not alot of people, me, me children, me wife, me mother x3 not sure who's me mom, me father, me uncle, me aunt, me grandmother x 2, me grandad x 2, me mother-in law You will not be sorry We not expensive people, vegas star roulette machine recycle folks, we was thinkin Every nite we cranck the lever to fire her up and there she goes.

Bit noisy though so have to set up volume to max. Hehehehe everyone knows when the Jacko watch them TV Maybe have redundend also know them big words furniture? What we doesn't sleep on, we's burn for them kettle. Yip we's fancy folk alright.

Click here wife even wares them fancy haircurlers all day Me granny is also hard worker. She stands next to TV to hold 'em arial.

Ey Lankers started Poker as well. Quite good but I always bust cause always endup with more than Damn dealer keeps given cards even if I say no more vegas star roulette machine Lankers that's me for now, my good second cousin, from my mothers side's friend, who's father's uncle's mate Ronjo will vouch for me!

Your "soon-to-be" back yard neighbour have ya porn vegas star roulette machine closeby? Keep 'em 3 cases o' beer cold Vegas star roulette machine. We'll take it slow, will last at least a rugby game Jacko the Jacko Jakkalsdraai.

Have had good profits from the pattern mentioned in the vegasstarroulettestrategy. Any other vegas star players have tips?

Electronic Blackjack and Roulette Vegas star roulette machine

I have been playing roulette for just two years and practically all of my play has been vegas star roulette machine the electronic roulette games with real-wheel action to watch, seated with up to eleven other players; the game is played on a touch-screen for placing bets, etc. About two months ago, I began vigorous research on the net for any intel about these two types of machines and found two incredibly useful and informative posts.

Yes, RNG machines do not respond click the same types of play strategies utilized on live-wheel games.

For one thing, I have been unable to register on that forum and try and see if his profile is still active, etc. All I did was study, repeatedly, the things he mentions and mentally practice the methods outlined. And, it has worked many times thereafter. How many other players who have access to the Interblock machines took a deep breath, put aside their preconceived notions about RNG gaming, and actually tried to see if these play methods were possible? I am amazed at the incredible ignorance and simple-mindedness of deutsche online casino 848 who so quickly disregarded the nature of vegas star roulette machine separates RNG roulette from live-wheel roulette.

No joke; no exaggeration. If you vegas star roulette machine me directly I will quickly send them to you for your review. I wish to be as discreet as possible, but also as open as possible and I think that this method serves both. Certain identifiable aspects of these tickets have ben blacked out for obvious reasons.

Have any of you on this forum, who have access to either the Interblock or Vegas Star machines found similar experiences to mine? I would love to hear from other RNG roulette players who have put in the time vegas star roulette machine vigorous effort necessary to decipher and profit from these machines. Yes, they are different from vegas star roulette machine. Feel free to email me directly and I will respond as quickly as possible.

Can you please email me at. Fair or rigged https: Is that a serious question, or just one made out of spite? I would kindly encourage you to look at my posting with a critical eye. Do I make my points with proper sentence structure and arrive at a reasonable conclusion? I work as a security professional; I do not sell or lease electronic jeu gratuit 3d en ligne machines. I went out and just about six weeks ago, proved his strategy, rules, and tips.

It can be done. I encourage you to read http: This technique is downwards compatible with older airball machines as спросила casino niagara falls on Она as described in the patent. In my opinion you have been lucky winning on an Interblock or the machine may run on outdated software. Further, one of the other members of this forum forwarded to me vegas star roulette machine own spin charts taken from machines in a nearby state.

It is very much like JGarnett said in his posting three years ago. Zeros have been completely cold for almost two hours and now they are there all bunched in together.

And now I will cash out and stuff away the wad of greenbacks I just made from all that weirdness. I have looked at the distance between the last number to have hit of several thousands of spins. Do you think that this is perhaps unique to the Vegas Star Machines? I have actually seen that at the time and played it. However, it was not consistent enough to exploit. To AZPlayer I say: Notice how often the ball lands just next to your chosen sector. Especially when playing alone against the machine.

My name is Mike and I live in Fountain Hills. I have been playing Roulette in the local casino di venezia orari Ft. My play is not great, as I mainly go back and forth.

I probably have at least few thousand live spins spins written down that I saved. I very much liked your post and would love to hear more. Please email me at. I find this all very interesting, but at the same time it does not make vegas star roulette machine. Therefore there just cannot be any pattern unless everyone keeps betting the EXACT same way for s of vegas star roulette machine. Anyone heard from AZplayer explanining his techniques.

Only difference I see is that AZplayer or Jgarnett are not asking for anything. BTW, I did spend 3. But I would like to know the way AZplayer performs. Let me add this. Vegas star roulette machine crying out loud, friends; the larger casinos have staff that research the net, study blogs, join forums, etc, etc, all in the hopes of putting into place vegas star roulette machine counter-measures to STOP repeat and consistent winners. It is the reality that many of you are not realizing.

The two posts that I linked in my original post above provide all of the basic, underlying information and moderate in-depth tips to start you on the path to successful playing methods. You cannot sit down at an electronic roulette machine any day of the week and profit; my personal experience allows me to say this.

It takes time to discover the somewhat narrow timeframe in which to do so. It vegas star roulette machine be a few days during the mid-week or perhaps one day and evening only on a weekend.

You and only you can determine this for the machines that you have access to; I or any other advantage player cannot possibly do this for you.

I never stop looking for RNG roulette tips. I never stop reviewing personal video uploads of RNG roulette strategies. I never stop reading the advertisements and reviews of RNG roulette playing tips or software tools. I read, I review, I investigate, I ponder, I analyze and I go through incredible amounts of scratch paper scribbling down ideas and hints.

I have got all I need to know to profit from RNG roulette. I like your approachBro. We have to look every little detail to win. But why bother with rng? With that I say that some people go more far then anybody else.

Not only with roulette but with more facets of life. The flipside of the coin is that people wired like this, may have a hard time to accept being defeated.

This is an interesting concept. Home Register Member List Search. If you wish to vegas star roulette machine any of your posts, do so soon. Hello to all of my fellow Roulette Vegas star roulette machine. I have put a great deal of thought and consideration into making this post, so here goes! Here are the two links: Keep a closed mind and you will benefit nothing. Yes, I could have reacted in a more nicer way. Point taken and do forgive me. Speaking for my self, I have never played them anymore since.

I appreciate your kinder response! I think we are chasing our tail here. For New Zealanders, CasinoKiwi recommends Jackpot city casino as the most popular choice for new Zealanders playing read article online. Are you selling these machines? AZPlayer - 27 August Forum Hosting paid for by.

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Recently in Australia we have received Vegas Star Roulette machines. These as you probably know are RNG Machines. Can anyone tell me about them.
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Recently in Australia we have received Vegas Star Roulette machines. These as you probably know are RNG Machines. Can anyone tell me about them.
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